Ideas, ideas and more ideas

This house I like!
Liking the curve
Number of things happening so interesting from street
This one's pretty cool and edge too
Pretty neat - loving the skillion roof line

April 28th, 2013

Just how many ideas can a person have? Is it ever enough?

I love cutting edge, novel concepts - THINGS WITH A DIFFERENCE - don't you??

Perhaps you like to do what other's are doing but not me, I want to step outside the expected.

I would like so many design ideas that I need to narrow it down and hey there's also a budget - funny that!

Love a flat roof but after meeting with my friends at council they aren't too keen on that one - bummer!

So now I gotta come up with new concepts that work with the street and my heritage overlay.

Need a pitched roof of sorts with a modern house - ANY IDEAS??

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